About BSIC

What is the Ball State Innovation Corporation?

Ball State Innovation Corporation (BSIC) is a not-for-profit organization that assists in the commercialization of innovations and creative works developed by Ball State University students, faculty, and staff through University-provided technology and resources.

What does BSIC do?

BSIC acts as a valuable conduit between University-produced innovation and its potential global impact.  From the preliminary research of ideas to the eventual launch of a marketable product or service, BSIC assists Ball State University students, faculty, and staff by providing resources and guidance throughout the complete commercialization process.

Why is BSIC Beneficial?

The journey from innovation to commercialization is a challenging one. Like driving in an unknown city for the first time, having a map and an experienced guide can make the journey less stressful and can ensure you arrive at your desired destination. BSIC’s goal is to provide the needed business maps and entrepreneurial resources to our family of innovators to help them navigate the commercialization process.