Innovator Benefits

Global Idea Diffusion:

Commercialization is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to impact the world with a given innovation.  It introduces your product, service, or idea to an exponential number of audiences across the globe that otherwise would be difficult to reach.  And it does it in a speed that is hard to replicate via other mediums.

Innovation Refinement:

Once an innovation hits the marketplace, it is analyzed and tested to discover its applicability, value, and possible flaws.  This immediate feedback often helps innovators further enhance and improve upon their ideas and leads to refinements that otherwise may not have been thought of.

Recognition & Credibility:

A successful product or service in the marketplace brings the innovator much credibility and recognition within a particular industry and among his or her peers. The entrepreneurial experience is a great asset to any businessperson and can launch a new career or provide a boost to any successful businessperson.

Monetary Gain:

Innovators who successfully commercialize their ideas enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their ideas adopted as broadly and quickly as possible, but they also stand to benefit from the financial rewards that derive from their ideas. The University has a very progressive policy toward University-derived innovations. You can learn more by downloading Ball State University’s Intellectual Property Policy here.