Ready to Begin?

Thank you for your interest in working with the Ball State Innovation Corporation en route to commercializing your innovation!  We are anxious to serve as a valuable and helpful partner in your journey. To begin, please consider the questions below, complete the associated forms, and return them to the appropriate offices. We will then contact you about the next steps. If you any have preliminary questions about BSIC or the forms below, please contact us at or 765-285-5054.

Review Introductory Questions:

Consider the basic questions below that we ask all innovators before working with them.  You will be asked to respond to these questions in the IP Disclosure form, but it’s a good idea to review ahead of time as they are important foundational ideas in regards to your innovation and its commercialization.

  • What is the essence of your innovation?
  • What problem does your innovation solve?
  • For whom will your innovation solve their problem?
  • What other products/services currently solve this problem for these people?
  • How would you persuade someone with this problem to use your innovation
    instead of other possible solutions?
  • Besides you, what other resources are needed to deliver this innovation to
    those who need it?
Complete and Submit: IP Disclosure / Innovation Summary Form

The Intellectual Property Disclosure / Innovation Summary Form are required to move forward in your partnership with BSIC. Click the links below to download this form and email it in completed form to Stephanie Sisco at the Sponsored Programs Office. Feel free to contact her if you have additional questions about the form.

*Note: This form is a PDF document that can be completed and saved electronically. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it, it will be necessary to download the free software here.

Contact from BSIC

After both forms have been submitted, you will be contacted by BSIC to review your submissions and to address any other related matters pertaining to your innovation. From that point, you will receive instructions regarding the next steps of your commercialization project. You can review the major steps of the commercialization process here.