Vizi Case Study

The Idea:

Vizi Courseware was the 2007 brainchild of Ball State University’s Institute for Digital Education and Entertainment (IDEE). Under the direction of Dr. Rodger Smith, the institute began to investigate how rich media could enhance education. The result? An idea that could change and improve the way students learn around the world.

IDEE sought to harness the learning power of rich media within a strict outcome-based pedagogy aimed at subject mastery. Understanding that the human eye teamed with sound and experience could record and process vast amounts of information, researchers and teachers looked to see if such a tool could be of use in multiple audiences to increase learning with compelling, multi-sensory tools. The result was the creation of a Vizi software platform that could support such an effort.

Each Vizi “text” contains hours of original digital media and intellectual content. Each is pedagogically determined to engage the “reader” and support learning in flipped, blended, on-line or traditional courses in higher education.

Vizi uses unique combinations of simulations, games, interactive exercises, animations, informational graphics, video lectures, narratives, and documentaries to consistently require students to actively engage material and not become passive “readers.” Additionally, each Vizi is compatible with any appropriate traditional text.


BSIC’s Role:

Research yields a prototype. Prototypes yield potential products. Products need perfected, promoted, sold, distributed, and supported in order to transform the research idea into a sustainable tool to fulfill its purpose. This type of work is beyond a university’s educational mission, but is directly aligned with the mission of BSIC.

By assisting Vizi Courseware with detailed market planning & research, fund development, and finally the formation of a new entity, BSIC was an integral partner in maximizing the impact of this new learning resource across educational institutions throughout the world. BSIC assisted Vizi Courseware to transform the academic idea to a sustainable business. Vizi Courseware, headquartered in Muncie, Indiana, was officially launched in June of 2012.

Vizi is currently staffed by: Don Engel, CEO, Vizi founder Rodger Smith, Ph.D, assuming the offices of Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Jessica Seaton, the original Vizi technical designer, and a group of graphic and media artists.

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